Users and Subscriptions

Modified on Tue, 30 Apr 2024 at 01:26 PM

This feature is only available to Administrators.

Invite Users

You can invite users to your TaxLab account:

  1. Go to Settings > Admin > Users.
  2. Add the user’s email and click the Invite button. This will ensure that a new user is automatically added to your TaxLab account, or move an existing user to your account. For new users:
    • If your organisation uses single sign on to access TaxLab, the new user will need to create their TaxLab account by logging in to TaxLab.
    • If your organisation does not use single sign on, the new user will need to create a TaxLab login. Instructions here: Create a User Account

Manage Users

All users within your subscription are listed under Settings > Admin > Users.

Several functions are available for each user:

  • Make Administrator / User: Change a user role to an administrator role and vice versa. For details on user roles and responsibilities, please refer here.
  • Deactivate: Once you deactivate a user, the user will no longer have access to your subscription. Although the user is deactivated and can no longer access your TaxLab subscription or any taxpayers in the subscription, they will still be listed as a user under the taxpayer. To remove taxpayer access without removing them from TaxLab, choose the option below.
  • Remove Taxpayer Access: Once you remove taxpayer access from a user, the user will no longer have access to any assigned taxpayers in your subscription. The user can still access your subscription.
  • Remove Assigned Task: All tasks assigned to the user will be removed.

Common use case: If a user is leaving the firm and you would like to remove all access, it is best practice to Remove Assigned Task, Remove Taxpayer Access and Deactivate the user.

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