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We've streamlined the process of importing an entity's benefits, vehicles, drivers, and employee data into our system with a user-friendly Microsoft Excel template. Our template serves as a comprehensive guide for preparing your source data and has been specifically designed to make importing your FBT data swift and seamless. 

This template serves as a reference guide and should not be used for directly inputting your data. Only certain columns in the template are necessary for importing. Ensure to complete and import only the required columns for your calculation.

Download the FBT import template

  1. Navigate to the Workpapers tab within the entity's FBT calculation interface and select Benefits.
  2. Click on the Import button on the Benefits page.
  3. In the Import Benefits window, select Download Import Template.
  4. Save the template to your computer.

While these instructions highlight accessing the Import Benefits window, keep in mind that you can download the template from any Import window within the system.

Template guidelines

Our template offers detailed guidelines, including:

  1. Accepted data column headings during the import process.
  2. An example showcasing the required data format.
  3. Indicators indicating whether the data is mandatory or optional for import. Certain data are crucial for the system's calculations, while others can be imported for reference and reporting purposes.
  4. Descriptions of each data item.

To prepare your data effectively, we recommend opening your source data alongside the template and following these steps:

  • Copy the Required column headings from the template and paste them into the corresponding columns in your source data, overriding your existing headings.

Regarding the employee_id column heading:

  • For importing non-attributed benefits provided to major shareholder-employees, use 'Shareholder Pool' or 'POOL1'.
  • For non-attributed benefits provided to employees, use 'Employee Pool' or 'POOL2'.

By adhering to these guidelines and utilising our Excel template, you can streamline the data preparation process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your import procedure.

Next steps

Once you've familiarised yourself with out FBT template you can start uploading your benefits to TaxLab. 

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