Salary confidentiality

Modified on Wed, 22 May 2024 at 08:49 AM

If you have confidentiality issues around users having access to employees’ cash pay figures, you have some options available to keep the cash pay figures private.

User permissions

You can restrict users from accessing the entity’s FBT return altogether. However, if you need some users to access the entity’s FBT return but do not want them to see the cash pay figures, you can give them restricted access. Edit the user’s permissions and select the Cash pay is hidden option to hide the salary from the reports.

Confidentiality option during import

When you import the salary data, select the Maximise imported salaries to the top tax band option from the Confidentiality drop-down list. The system will review the salary data, capping any cash pay figures above the top tax band at the top tax band amount. Cash pay amounts below the top tax band will remain unchanged. The cash pay cap has a minimal effect on the calculations.

Note: For the year 2021 and earlier, the top tax band was $70,000, so salaries imported for these years will be capped at this amount. From 2022 onwards, any imported salaries over $180,000 will be capped at that amount. This cap is based on the top tax band for the specific year.

Printed reports

By default, salaries are printed in PDF reports. You can turn this off in the print options.

Firm cash pay cap

You can set up a process within your firm to manage this issue. For example, you could get your payroll team to provide the cash pay information capped at the top tax band. So not even the person importing the salary data will see the physical cash pay figures. This has a minimal effect on the calculations.

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